First Post!

I have finally joined the 21st century and created a web log (blog for the uninitiated.) I will mostly use this as a convenient way keep my friends and family up to date as I embark on a new journey. For those who don't know I have recently decided to join the United States Marine Corps. This is more than likely going to keep me far from home for quite some time. This blog is mainly a way to keep in contact with those I care about. I have decided to keep comments open to everyone on this blog. If comment spam or harassment become a problem this will change.

Many of you know me as a son, a nephew, a grandson, a friend, or that computer guy. However you see me is likely to change in the months to come. More and more recently I have come to realize that I am not something special. I am more average than I was ever lead to believe. This is contrary to everything I was told growing up. Whether it was good grades or the ease with which I picked up anything dealing with technology, I was always told I something special, something unique. Being thrown into the world has shown me different. I no longer wish to be a cog in the machinery of everyday life. I wish to again make myself stand out. I want to know my limits, and be pushed far passed what I once believed them to be. I have made the decisions I have for the above reasons, among many others.

There are undoubtedly those of you who question my decision or worry about my well being. For you I have this to say: there is no need to worry. I have thought long and hard about what I am doing. The benefits far outweigh the risks, both personally and materially. No matter what happens from this point on I will have the courage and strength to succeed. This comes from everyone who has stood by me for so many years, but will also come from the new family I will soon join.

Whatever happens to me in the coming years will only be for the better.

This is recruit Wilbanks signing off.