Guard duty at Camp Pendleton

I completed Marine Combat Training last week. The 3 day war was pretty fun. Now I'm stuck with guard duty for 2 more weeks. All I can say is MOS school is going to seem so much better since I had to do this first. If the schedule wasn't so hectic it wouldn't be too bad. They keep us going 24/7 here. More than a few hours of sleep a day is a luxury. The only upside of being so busy is time flies and I'll be out of here before I know it.

Monterey, CA here I come... in 2 weeks that is.


It's been a while

I made it through boot camp in one piece. That was one hell of an experience. Now I'm at Marine Combat Training. It's been fun so far. I look forward to my MOS school. I've heard it will be the best time of my life. Things only keep getting better.

Being in shape is nice. I'm much stronger and can push myself much farther than I ever thought possible. I've come to realize that I have no idea what I am truly capable of, both mentally and physically.

When I get my laptop I'll be posting here more. If anyone has any questions in the meantime just post them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail.

Until then,
PFC Wilbanks out


3rd letter from Nick

Hello All,
Here is the 3rd post from Nick. For friends and family, you have also been receiving copies of Nicks letters that are a little more in depth. The letters for the "blog" are more general, but still interesting. Here ya go......

I've almost make it to phase 2 of recruit training. By the time this is posted I'll have already been at boot camp for a month. Its been on hell of an experience so far. Some things are getting easier while others are becoming more difficult.
It surprised me how much information we need to learn at first, but now I want to keep learning more. The history classes are case studies and are interesting but are the hardest for me to remember. I enjoy learning about Marine Corps traditions.
I'm excited to be joining such a proud society. Having a reason and purpose to constantly better myself in all aspects is a challenge i am happy I accepted!
Things are getting a little better here. I miss everyone. I'd like to hear what everyone is up to! you can contact my mom for an address to send letters to. Receiving letters really brightens my day!!
That's all for now.
Recruit Wilbanks signing off...... PLEASE WRITE!

2nd letter for blog from Nick

Hello All....
Here is the second letter "for the blog".

Its the end of the second week of training and my third week here at MCRD. This week was hell and it looks like its going to get worse before it gets better. Only 10 weeks left!
If you want to know more of what Im going through, look at the the Marine Corps. Recruit Depot at San Diego web site. I dont know the URL, but Google is your friend.
Just though Id five a wuick update.
Recruit Wilbanks signing off.


Letter From Nick

Hello All.....
Nick asked me to keep everyone updated on his blog as to how he is doing. Here is a copy of the letter he sent:

Dear Mom and Everyone,
How is everything going? Hopefully I'll hear about it all soon. Don't forget to send pictures.
Everything is going all right for me. We move 100 miles and hour all day, but I'm starting to get used to it.
The foods not as bad as I thought it would be either. I don't think I'm going to have a voice left in 3 months with all the yelling we do.
Please post the following on my blog and tell the family to check it at nwilbanks.blogspot.com.
Everything is going well here at the MCRD. I'm one week into it and the fun has barley started. The first few days were processing, so I haven't been in actual training for to long.
I miss everyone. The one thing I miss almost as much as friends and family are showers that last longer than 2 minutes. You get used to the smell pretty quick.

Nick also wanted me to ask that you leave comments on this blog. He also wanted me to post his address on how you can reach him: Please address letters as follows..

Recruit Wilbanks, Nicholas. R.
2nd Bn Hotel Co. Plt. 2167
36001 Midway Ave.
San Diego, CA 92140-2121

Photos no larger than 4x6 can be sent.

Nick ends his letter by stating he hopes to hear from you all soon, and signing
Recruit Wilbanks signing off!


First Post!

I have finally joined the 21st century and created a web log (blog for the uninitiated.) I will mostly use this as a convenient way keep my friends and family up to date as I embark on a new journey. For those who don't know I have recently decided to join the United States Marine Corps. This is more than likely going to keep me far from home for quite some time. This blog is mainly a way to keep in contact with those I care about. I have decided to keep comments open to everyone on this blog. If comment spam or harassment become a problem this will change.

Many of you know me as a son, a nephew, a grandson, a friend, or that computer guy. However you see me is likely to change in the months to come. More and more recently I have come to realize that I am not something special. I am more average than I was ever lead to believe. This is contrary to everything I was told growing up. Whether it was good grades or the ease with which I picked up anything dealing with technology, I was always told I something special, something unique. Being thrown into the world has shown me different. I no longer wish to be a cog in the machinery of everyday life. I wish to again make myself stand out. I want to know my limits, and be pushed far passed what I once believed them to be. I have made the decisions I have for the above reasons, among many others.

There are undoubtedly those of you who question my decision or worry about my well being. For you I have this to say: there is no need to worry. I have thought long and hard about what I am doing. The benefits far outweigh the risks, both personally and materially. No matter what happens from this point on I will have the courage and strength to succeed. This comes from everyone who has stood by me for so many years, but will also come from the new family I will soon join.

Whatever happens to me in the coming years will only be for the better.

This is recruit Wilbanks signing off.