Letter From Nick

Hello All.....
Nick asked me to keep everyone updated on his blog as to how he is doing. Here is a copy of the letter he sent:

Dear Mom and Everyone,
How is everything going? Hopefully I'll hear about it all soon. Don't forget to send pictures.
Everything is going all right for me. We move 100 miles and hour all day, but I'm starting to get used to it.
The foods not as bad as I thought it would be either. I don't think I'm going to have a voice left in 3 months with all the yelling we do.
Please post the following on my blog and tell the family to check it at nwilbanks.blogspot.com.
Everything is going well here at the MCRD. I'm one week into it and the fun has barley started. The first few days were processing, so I haven't been in actual training for to long.
I miss everyone. The one thing I miss almost as much as friends and family are showers that last longer than 2 minutes. You get used to the smell pretty quick.

Nick also wanted me to ask that you leave comments on this blog. He also wanted me to post his address on how you can reach him: Please address letters as follows..

Recruit Wilbanks, Nicholas. R.
2nd Bn Hotel Co. Plt. 2167
36001 Midway Ave.
San Diego, CA 92140-2121

Photos no larger than 4x6 can be sent.

Nick ends his letter by stating he hopes to hear from you all soon, and signing
Recruit Wilbanks signing off!


  1. I miss you more than you can imagine!!! I'm so Proud of you!!!
    Gobbies forever and ever,

  2. Nick,

    Thank you for serving.

    I hate war, but I know we wouldn't have the country we have today without people like you making the sacrifices they've made to fight them.

    My son, David, is a Marine. He's graduating from college tomorrow, and then he's off to Afghanistan for "no less than 365 days".

    I worry and pray for him, and I'll worry and pray for you.

    Take care of yourself, brother.